Digital products exist almost exclusively in complex systems. Your best bet to achieve success in such a system is a high-performing product team.

Forming and growing a team takes time, but we have the knowledge and expertise to start working from day one. Our offering exists in establishing high-performing, experienced agile teams that can be readily deployed by our partners. We don’t believe in bodyshopping - the smallest unit that can add value is a team.

Our teams are hard-wired to ship frequently in order to deliver business value at a sustainable pace. You can focus on innovation, we’ll manage the rest. Although the team is working from our office, we make sure there are no communication gaps by making smart choices between face-to-face contact and technological aids.

We have experience with different technologies and clients and are always up to speed with the latest frameworks and trends.

An agile team at In The Pocket is:

  • Multidisciplinary
    Teams bring together all specialisms required to ship digital products: strategy, design, engineering, solution architecture, quality assurance… Individuals are specialized but are also encouraged to develop broad skills outside of their area for maximum flexibility.
  • Autonomous
    In order for teams to be successful, they require the authority to make decisions about the product under their care. Only when teams are given this mandate, can we expect ownership and accountability.
  • Experienced
    Every team at In The Pocket has numerous successful digital products under their belt. A team’s make-up is relatively stable but the teams are mature enough to dynamically reorganize in order to succeed in their specific missions.
Team as a service
team as a service

Working with an agile team

In order to successfully ship and grow your product we select the ideal team based on your needs and scope. These are the onboarding steps:

We take our time to understand the specific context and needs of every client. We want full alignment on the product and technological vision, but also on the way-of-working. Before we start, we identify the constraints under which the team will operate (time, budget, scope) and how the team will measure value.

Based on the results of our analysis we suggest a team that is suited for the job at hand. Again we take a holistic approach, looking at all dimensions of the outcome that our partner expects.

When the mission is clear and the team is selected, we organize a joint onboarding session where we make sure that all stakeholders understand the parameters of the collaboration, from agile methodologies over planning to measuring value.

Throughout the team’s deployment, the team lead facilitates communication and collaboration, continuously looking to improve both the product and the way-of-working. The team organizes a regular steering committee where they give our partner insight in value and budget. Aside from the team, we assign a client partner who represents the client in our organisation and is ultimately accountable for customer success.