Great digital products and services don’t materialise from thin air. They are the outcome of a clear strategy: what needs are you solving for users, what business objectives does you want to attain, and which digital touch points will allow you do succeed?

You can count on our team of senior strategists to help you throughout the entire journey. Whether it is defining or challenging your digital strategy, creating and validating concepts, or growing an existing product … the result is always an actionable recommendation.

“A strategy is a vision and a plan.”

We are catalysts, not just consultants. We deliver roadmaps, not just presentations.

You can rely on our expertise in:

  • Digital Strategy
  • User Research and Validation
  • Innovation through inspiration, ideation or rapid prototyping
  • Concept creation, Value Proposition Design and Service Design
  • Digital Roadmaps


How we work

Our team of strategists will create a tailor-made approach to tackle your challenge or need. Broadly speaking, we can help you with:

Our process starts by thoroughly understanding the people we are designing for, and the needs our concepts are intended to solve. We can capture existing customer or user insights with facilitated exercises (like experience mapping or stakeholder analysis), or we can engage in user research (like ethnography, interviews or co-creation).

We also make sure we understand the business context and goals. We make sure everyone on the team is aligned around a clear challenge or set of objectives. We make sure we have a North Star.

We help you create digital solutions, service blueprints or even entire digital ecosystems. Whether that is through facilitated ideation, an expert fly-in or a fast-paced design sprint… together we will define the digital channels that will make your organisation succeed. Together with our product designers, we visualise some key screens to make things tangible.

To make sure we can move forward confidently, we involve (future) users to validate these concepts.

With products and services clearly defined, we help you gear up. Together with our platform architects, we also provide a high-level digital architecture. We help you prioritize and plan features. In short, you now have a clearly articulated vision, concept, architecture and actionable roadmap.

Don’t stop when it ships. Need to attract more users? Strengthen usage and engagement? Improve retention? Our dedicated Growth experts will help you set objectives, run experiments and follow up on improvements. We’ll do what it takes to make your digital product more successful.

Over the years, we have put together an elaborate toolbox of methods and exercises. (Why not take a sneak peak in our Digital Product Strategy Toolbox, or try out our innovation card game Shift The Game?).

But rest assured: we always tailor our approach and workshops to deliver maximum value, without wasting your time.